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Jonnic Business Management Services

Jonnic Business Management Services (a division of AnJo Group) was established to cater for specific needs of small businesses providing Administrative, Governance and Operational Services to those businesses that need part time assistance in these aspects of their business.

Jonnic Business Management Services therefore offers short term engagement activities in the following fields:

  • Auditing – Confidential Investigations, Internal Auditing and Specialised Auditing.
  • Business Procedure Development – Operating Procedure Developments and Scribing.
  • Controls Consultancy – Control Assessment, Gap Analysis and Internal Control Procedure Compilation and Installation with post implementation reviews.
  • Project Management – Initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing of work to attain specific goals within specific criteria.
  • Presiding Officer Duties – The providing of independent and objective individuals to attend at and conduct disciplinary hearings on behalf of organizations.
  • Training Facilitation – Attendance at Training Sessions to provide Facilitation and Invigulating Services to organizations

Jonnic Business Management Services can provide a small training venue through our sister division (AnJo Villa Guesthouse) at reasonable rates and subject to availability.